■ Corporate Name NAT Corporation
■ Established 11 October 1989
■ Headquarters 3129-45 Hibara Muramatsu, Tokai-mura, Naka-gun, Ibaraki 319-1112 JAPAN
■ Capital fund 50 million JPY (Authorized capital: 100 million JPY)
■ President Sinichi SUGA
■ Employees 355 (as of 1 October 2020)
■ Main business fields
  • Design, fabrication and construction of science and technology-related (i.e. Atomic energy, nuclear fusion, photon science, laser) facilities
  • Import and sale of science and technology-related equipment
  • Research, study and consultation on science and technology-related issues
  • Design and fabrication of electric equipment, facilities, measuring device, communication facilities
  • Operation and maintenance of large-size scientific experimental facilities
  • Development and sale of computer system
  • Development and sale of medical equipment and laser applied equipment
  • Dispatch of experts
  • Building and civil design, construction and construction management
  • Other subordinate tasks associated with the above
■ Participation
  • Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research
  • Particle Accelerator Society of Japan
  • The Japan Society for Neutron Science etc.
■ License and
  • Contractor’s license
     Specially designated electric works
     Specially designated plumbing works
  • Worker dispatching undertakings