National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST)

  • Operation, inspection and maintenance service for JT-60, including main unit, particle injection heating device, high-frequency heating device, whole structure control and data processing
  • Administrative support to the international team of ITER/EDA
  • Preliminary design review, and design review and documentation for the final design of the ITER diverter IR thermography
  • Development test operation for the ITER laser equipment
  • Mechanical design, thermo-structural analysis and testing operation for the measuring device of ITER
  • High reliability review for improving voltage resistance of the ITER NBI 1MV Bushing and power-supply control
  • Performance test operation for the ITER gyrotron and its accelerating power supply
  • Review for quality assurance of ITER remote maintenance device control
  • Design review and system development of the control system for the ITER NB
  • System integration design for the ITER instruments and controls

ITER organization

  • Review of the negative ion neutral beam injector