We commit to the corporate policy,
and assure safety and quality expected
in our service.

Each of our directors and employees respect the laws, social standards, and business practice ethics. We conduct our corporate activities fairly and transparently integrated with risk management.

We will further continue and expand our business in compliance with safety and quality objectives as qualified with ISO9001, in which the scope of application include provision of operational and maintenance services for the High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR) related facilities in the Oarai Research and Development Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency.

Quality assurance policy

We are a team united in our commitment to technology development
and to sustainable improvement and growth of society and its people.

  1. We continue to build and maintain reliable
    technical expertise, innovate to challenge frontier
    science and technology with our customers.

  2. Every one of us continually improve his or her
    technological skills in order to be “irreplaceable”
    in the field of advanced science and technology.

  3. We establish a compliance system by respecting
    regulations, laws, and standards to implement
    the business safely and fairly.

  4. We consistently implement a quality management
    system, and continuously strive for its effectiveness
    for further quality improvement.


We conduct our environmental management with the aim for the green and sustainable society. Making full use of our expertise in science and technology, we make a unified effort to realize a recycling-oriented society through our business activities dedicated to “high environmental quality” and “customer satisfaction”.